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AH!!!! My brain just imploded, then exploded. After I cleaned up the mess, I read the blurb again. Cue the

heavy breathing

What is so amazing and wonderful? Let me show you the bit from Wikipedia:

“On September 14, 2015, it was reported a new film was in development by Walt Disney Pictures. The film will take place 20 years after the first, featuring a standalone narrative based on the remaining seven books in the series. Rob Marshall has been hired to direct, while John DeLuca and Marc Platt will serve as producers.

On April 25, 2016, Disney confirmed that Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda will star in the sequel as Mary Poppins and Jack, a street lamplighter, respectively. It was announced on May 31, 2016, that the film will be titled Mary Poppins Returns and take place in Depression-era London, 20 years after the original film. It is set to be released on December 25, 2018. The cast will also include Meryl Streep as Mary’s cousin Topsy, Ben Whishaw as Michael Banks, Emily Mortimer as Jane Banks, and Colin Firth as William Weatherall Wilkins, the president of Fidelity Fiduciary Bank. Dick Van Dyke has confirmed he will appear in a cameo role for the film. In December 2016, it was announced that Angela Lansbury had joined the cast in an unspecified role.

Filming is expected to begin on January 31st, 2017.”



You know that I’m not a particular fan of remakes. But I am hoping this sequel is every bit as extravagant as the original. Please, please, please have Julie Andrews as a cameo!!! I’ll be the one crying when she’s on screen.


Suicide Squad

Saw Suicide Squad over the weekend. I’ve been looking forward to this flick since the first trailer released last year.

SS poster

This flick could’ve easily fallen into an “R” rating. There were plenty of times for more explicit violence or the “F” bomb. I mean…it’s a movie about the worst of the worst. Suicide Squad reined in just enough to earn its rightful “PG-13” rating.


There are some fantastic songs integrated into the film that are completely opposite of Enya (and I like her, folks): Creedence Clearwater Revival, Twenty One Pilots and Eminem, just to name a few. And it works. The soundtrack split my taste halfway, even the clean version. But someone who likes rap will enjoy it more than I do.


It’s no secret that I love a good comic book movie. But this film surprised me! I avoided reviews before settling into the X.D. theater. I wanted to give the plot an unadulterated chance. And I don’t automatically like “the bad guys” in a movie. Growing up, I was a steadfast Marvel girl, firmly rooted in the heroics of X-Men.


So what surprised me?

My empathy for the characters. The further the film advanced, the more my heart resonated with the true desires of the members of the Suicide Squad. As their truest dreams are laid bare by the Enchantress, I was captivated by their basic desire to be…normal.


Don’t mistake my empathy for cheering for the bad guys. Deadshot’s unrepentance for being an assassin and Harley Quinn’s manic obsession to please the Joker really pushed/pulled my sense of justice and my personal wish for their redemption. But neither were satisfied.


There were a couple of lulls in the movie, where backstory tumbled in and clogged the plot. Overall, I was swept into the story and still can’t believe how happy I was with the ending.


Don’t take your kids who are sensitive. Lots of violence (guns, fatal karate chops, baseball bats, etc.) and I think the cursing was literally counted and fell right at the “one-more-and-it’s-rated-R” line. Harley’s shorts? They defy physics.

SS full

My favorite line: “You’re ruining date night!” In fact, most of my favorite moments are with Harley. Jared Leto’s Joker is both mesmerizing and terrifying—and I liked him.


There’s an obvious set-up for a sequel (DC, you credit copycat, slipping in an extra scene).

Dear future director, Batman speaking in a breathy, grumble sucks. Stop it. I don’t even know if I can bring myself to watch the Justice League, even with the promise of Aquaman.

Jane Like Tarzan

Thing 1 and I went to see “The Legend of Tarzan” yesterday. I have to admit, I was both excited and apprehensive after reading both positive and negative reviews from professionals and people I know. But I bit the bullet and braved the 101 temperatures.


(There are lots o’ posters for the movie, but I like this one best)

This rendition of Tarzan is NOT a Disney spin-off, and you shouldn’t bring anyone who is frightened by violence and blood. Or anyone who will blush like a maid with a shirtless dude, because Tarzan no like shirts.

Alexander Skarsgård takes the lead role, with Margot Robbie playing his Jane. Both actors are superb. They were children raised in Africa (he by gorillas and she by her English-teaching father in a neighboring village), transplanted to England and forced back to Africa. While Jane embraces the idea, Tarzan is less than happy, since he knows he’s headed back as a political pawn.

Accompanying the pair is George Washington Williams, played by Samuel L. Jackson.


He is the sole misstep of the movie. While the entire cast wrap you into the story, Mr. Jackson sounds nearly identical to many of his other movie and commercial roles, right down to the unnecessary swearing and crude comments. Seriously…I half expected him to look at the camera at some point and say, “What’s in your wallet?”

Tarzan and G.W. Williams motor down to Africa to see if King Leopold II is enslaving the men there to mine diamonds, which the King is doing. The King’s right-hand-man, Leon Rom,  kidnaps Jane in order to deliver Tarzan to the leader of the tribe who guards the diamond mines. The only problem is that Rom has no idea that Tarzan will do anything to protect the ones he loves—and he loves Jane above everything else.

There is no sex shown in the movie, but it certainly portrays the electric current between the married Jane and Tarzan. An obvious passion flows between them and, as a married gal myself, I like the way it was handled—enough to make me believe it and stopping short of a cinematic romp.


Yes, there is lots of CGI, but it help blends the story. I mean, we all can pick out a man in a gorilla suit. At one point, Thing 1 leaned over and whispered, “Is it wrong that I’m thinking of ‘The Lion King’ right now?” So, there are a couple of cheese ball moments too.

Over all, I give “The Legend of Tarzan”  a couple of thumbs up for not only a good story, but a believable love story woven into plot, holding it all together.

Love and Friendship – Movie Style

I love to go to the movies. Even better? I love to go see a Jane Austen flick on the big screen. So when my friends and I decided to go see “Love and Friendship,” I was a happy camper.



This ditty is based on Miss Austen’s novella, “Lady Susan.” Being a lover of all things Austen, I was ready for new fodder. I’ve seen every version of “Emma” and “Pride and Prejudice” there is, along with the other lesser known movies. Jane Austen always seemed to touch on the fact that women of her time were little more than chattel or social pawns to climb the ranks in society. If you didn’t have the money, you weren’t much use to anyone.


Such is the case for Lady Susan Vernon. She may have the right name and connections, but she is broke and couch surfing at relatives. Her only hope rests in marrying off her eligible daughter to finance their lives.


Kate Beckinsale, in the lead role, nails the self-serving woman who digs her charms into the much younger Reginald DeCoursey, loaded with land, family and money. All the while, she strings on a married man and casually flirts with the outlandish Sir Martin.

Kate as Susan

Director Whit Stillman uses much of the original language. It takes a bit to get used to, even with a charming British accent. That said, he never loses the humor Jane Austen intended–right down to the miraculous pregnancy announcement.


Enjoy the breathtaking cinematography and costumes. But if you’re expecting lackadaisical dialogue, you should skip. Full eyes and ears on this one, folks.

Sliding Down The Looking Glass

Over the weekend, had a chance to take Thing 2 to Alice Through The Looking Glass. I’m an unabashed Tim Burton/Johnny Depp/Danny Elfman fan. Yes, there have been a few missteps (*cough – the Oompa Loompas in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory were just plain freaky), but as a whole, I see “Burton” and say, “Let’s go!”


Imagine my disappointment when Burton was NOT the director.


Cue overpriced popcorn, caffeine to keep my eyelids open and and empty theater. Except the three dudes who brought in their own waters and…oranges. I guess they want to be healthy.


Quick rundown: 113 minutes and rated PG. Heavy on the CGI (how else could Wonderland come to life) and lean on plot.


Well, here are my highlights:

  1. Working in Alan Rickman’s voice as Absalom. (insert my sigh here…such a magical voice)
  2. Sacha Baron Cohen in a dramatic role and NAILING IT!
  3. Andrew Scott’s cameo, sounding just like Moriarty from Sherlock.


I had my own opinion coming out of the theater and Thing 2 summed it up perfectly: “It was busy.” There were lots o’ subplots that lead, inevitably, to the ribbon-tied ending. At times, it was chaotic with a side of neon colors.


Then there is the politically correct way for explaining the Red Queen’s nasty outlook on life…it wasn’t her fault. Blech.


Here’s the deal: keep yer money in your wallet. IF, and that’s a big if, you want to throw down a few bucks, wait until you can rent it. Try not to be as offended as I was when the end credits started to roll and P!nk started playing. (caveat, I even LIKE P!nk and couldn’t stomach the abruptness of the song)

Grumpy Super Heros: Civil War

As a young girl, I looked for ways to earn money because I had an agenda. Stuck in a small town (and I mean small…there were four in my 8th grade class), I lived for the new comic books that came into the equally tiny general store. My first job as the church janitor at twelve funded my subscription to The Uncanny X-Men. So it’s not a far cry to say I love comics made into films…especially ones by Stan Lee.


This weekend, I headed to Captain America: Civil War. I know the special effects were going to be good—they had to live up to the other Avenger movies and stand-alone movies. Truth be told, I didn’t follow the Avengers growing up. I just want a good story…a good, alternate universe filled with alien and technology goodness. Captain_America_Civil_War_poster

Here’s my own rendition of the plot: Super hero friends get grumpy and fight with cool powers because they each believe they are right and the others are wrong.


Sounds like a rumble during a kindergarten recess, right? Minus the whole, “I have laser cannons on my hands!” “Well, I have ninja assassin skills!”


Ya’ll need a juice box and nap mats.


However juvenile the plot basis, there are some serious, underlying adult themes: What happens to friendships when friends can’t see eye to eye? Adult or teenager, we all have our rules and beliefs—our lines in the sand. When someone you admire pushes your back into a wall, how will you react? (without telepathy and vibranium-steel alloy shield thingy).


While I liked the movie overall, it wasn’t my favorite Marvel flick. There are a few plots holes, but I’m picky about my Stan Lee-ness. But countering the missteps are the inevitable jokes and onion-layered plot—the fine balance between a friend’s opinion and a misconception.


This isn’t a movie for anyone looking for Pride and Prejudice. Lots o’ fighting. A bit of swearing (baby Spidey shouldn’t have cussed, but that’s my humble opinion). More fighting and shooting and crashing thing-a-ma-gigs. Crude comments. Aaaand, more fighting.


Huzzah to the addition of Ant Man to the group! His lines were some of my favorites. Wasn’t too jazzed on Spider Man barging in, or his ability to seemingly age backwards. Black Panther was the favorite of both Thing 1 and 2. Yep, took my spawn to the movie since they’ve seen every other Avenger and X-men based picture. What can I say? I raise them to be nerdly.


And it wouldn’t be a real Marvel film unless there are TWO clips in the credits. It’s so disappointing when people get up before the very end. Seriously people, you need to chill and wait it out.popcorn

Victorian Style Elementary, My Dear Watson

Last week, we had the distinct pleasure of watching the BBC Sherlock holiday special, “The Abominable Bride,” in our local theater. I love the big screen, which is ironic since my high school years were spent sweeping popcorn and wearing hideous, neon-colored suspenders.


With much prodding from Thing 1, we arrived 30 minutes early. When we turned the corner, the seating was already checkered with groups of people. However, we were able to snag a set of four on the back row. We were lamenting the amount of pasta we had consumed when the previews started.


Having never been to a special event at a theater before, we were delighted to have an entire half hour filled with clips from Sherlock and trivia like this:

SherlockStill…I wasn’t sold on Sherlock set in the past. I happen to love the current version, even though waiting for the next season sucks my will to live. Moffat!!! But, Moffat and Gatiss have pulled off some royally amazing television, so I was determined to give it a go.


You should stop reading HERE if you do not want to be spoiled. I intentionally did not post this last week, as I knew it still had another run on PBS. If you have already watched it or want to ruin the experience, please read on. (Honestly, you’ll hate yourself if you keep reading and haven’t seen it.)

stahpThe film begins in 1890 (thanks IMDB!) with the creeptastic homicidal/suicidal bride of the title. (It is the only part of the entire film that made Thing 2 squirm because the portrayal of Emelia Ricoletti was a frightening combination of Robert Smith from The Cure and the disturbing little bride at the end of the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland/World. And I love that ride and group!) Dead Emelia comes back and offs her hubby before disappearing, only to reappear and haunt another man, whose wife employs Sherlock Holmes for the case.


All of the secondary characters from the series are in the special. Lestrade has nasty sideburns, per Thing 1. And Molly? I was a bit ticked at the gender-bending until John nailed it with his comment about making it in “a man’s world.” Mrs. Hudson was perfect, as always, even in a bustle. Mary Watson throws a feminism ratchet into her husband’s way, but doesn’t beat the viewer about the head with the portrayal. Mycroft, while grossly obese, still torments his younger brother—even via plum pudding.


My only sadness? No Laura Irene Adler. Her character (not her profession) fascinates me!


I knew Moriarty would be in the film. True to previous episodes, his demented character claws and pulls Sherlock towards insanity…


Which is where the viewer suddenly gets a glimpse that this story is not really happening in 1890. Sherlock is still on the plane, where we last saw him, Moriarty’s broadcast swamping England’s airwaves. Our favorite highly functioning sociopath has decided a trip down memory lane, via cocaine, would be useful to help him figure out why Moriarty was back.


Seriously, Moffat and Gatiss are brilliant storytellers. The transition between “The Abominable Bride” and “His Last Vow” in 2014 was flawless. They’d already established Sherlock’s history with drugs and the desperate need to solve the problem, no matter the cost, so this story was not a far leap. What surprised me the most? I completely enjoyed being thrown back in time.


In terms of a very, very old-fashioned term: the entire Sherlock fan base was “Dallas’d.” It was all a dream, albeit, drug induced. But guess what?


My Line Crawl…

A Spoiler Free Recounting of Waiting for Star Wars: The Force Awakens


In a galaxy far, far away, I pulled into the parking lot of the local movie theater and was told by the security guard to move along.


“No one is allowed on the property until 9 a.m. unless you’re an employee. And you’re not an employee.” She’d obviously said this more than a few times and had lost all sense of humor sometime earlier in the morning. “You can go park across the street with the others.”


I followed her outstretched finger with my eyes to the grocery store across the street. Huddled in various forms of jackets and blankets was a group of ten or so guys. Only a couple looked like they were doing the same thing I was doing – saving a spot for family to join later. The others? Mmmm…I knew I’d hear more than one conversation about JarJar Binks later.


“Aw great. I’m the only chick. Thank you and Merry Christmas!” At least I got her to crack a smile.


Dutifully, I parked across the street, a safe distance from the guys who already looked like they were jockeying for line position. I shot my hubs a text letting him know the outlook of the morning: cloudy with a chance of geek-fueled testosterone.


Back on the theater property, employees strung up chrome line barricades, supplemented with ropes. The security guard strolled back and forth, leaning towards cars that stopped, pointing in my direction. Oddly enough, I was the last of the grocery store die-hards.


Ten minutes ‘til nine, the guys were at a boiling point. It had started drizzling and I was toasty in my car, listening to their debate through the windows.


“We should just go over now. They can’t kick us out.”
“It’s private property. They can kick you out.” (later learned this was a dad saving spots for his family)

“We’ll just storm the place!”

Star Wars Dad and I simultaneously shook our heads at the bearded man, clad in his vintage t-shirt.


Five more minutes and it was just too much. The posse moved across the street to the sidewalk of the theater. I pulled my car forward, so I could see it once I was in line. To the left, a majority of the guys were lined up, inching towards the theater driveway. To the right, the Star Wars Dad and the other normal guy. Guess where I headed?


I stood back while the pack was sorted into a variety of fourteen (yes, 14!) different lines. I was the lone female in line until another young lady showed up an hour or so later.


She got into a heated debate with a different bearded guy about the merits of the casting of Natalie Portman. I popped in my earbuds because I really didn’t want to hear the impending JarJar Binks vortex. Busy crocheting and listening to music, I didn’t really pay much attention until she laughed (a little to close to my ear for comfort) and said, “I don’t remember much about the original movies in theaters because Return of the Jedi came out when I was like four, or something.”

grandma_memeExcuse me while I go grab my bottle of Centrum Silver.


I’ll post up my review of the movie soon. I should go see it again, as I ended up quite sick during and for the subsequent weekend (still battling it!).


Until then, may you enjoy cute chicks and BB8:


Spoiler Alert! Blade Runner 2

Remember my post on Blade Runner? It wasn’t long ago and involved a distinct lack of sleep. This week, some articles hit my browser and all I can say is:


First off, Ridley Scott drops some spoilers here. And I leave that link there in case you want to live oblivious to the details. Then there’s me. I read whatever I can get my hands on. Subsequently resembling:


We already know Harrison Ford is reprising his role as Deckard. Blade Runner wouldn’t be the same without him. It’s like trying to recast Han Solo.

grumpy gma

But the other bright spot of news for the sequel is Ryan Gosling will be coming aboard as a new character. Here’s the original link, but it also includes some information about his new film, The Nice Guys.

Don’t bother me. I’m busy reading spoilers.

heavy breathing

Those Perfect Blue Words…

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….”


I’m so excited about the new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, which releases on December 18th. YES, I’m going to the midnight showing with my geek husband and chitlins. Really, it’s quite romantic of J.J. Abrams and George Lucas to celebrate our anniversary in such a grand fashion.


We can think of no better place to be than taking a day off to wait in line and haul our Things to their first Star Wars premiere. Our spawn will see us cry after those words show up on the screen, in all of their blue lettered glory, just before a brand spanking new crawl. They didn’t even tease us on Sunday during the trailer – even when I gasped as Han Solo popped onto the screen. Oh, Sunday afternoon was a fantastically nerdarific day at our house! Don’t bother to ask me how many times I’ve watched the trailer.


While I can’t remember the first time I saw A New Hope (or STAR WARS, because that’s the “correct” way to refer to the film), but I married a dude that can, quite literally, quote the movie line for line. I’ve never, ever stumped him in dialog trivia. Ever. His parents would take him and his brother to the drive-in theatre and every week they’d see some B movie and then those beautiful blue words would flash and the orchestra would start the theme we all know and love. Week after week, C3PO would open up with the first words. Bonus: who can post them without looking them up?


I remember seeing Return of the Jedi in the movie theatre, mostly because of the Ewoks (Yub, yub!) and the speed racers. By then, my younger brother had a small collection of Star Wars figures in a Darth Vader carrying case. He even had Bobba Fett’s ship. Sadly, we have no idea where they disappeared to.


My dad was the sci-fi fan of the house and it never bothered me when he turned on any of the Star Wars movies. In fact, I usually put aside whatever I was doing, be it chores or homework or reading, to plunk on the couch and watch the movies again. Thanks Dad! Not only did you get me out of chores, you planted my deep seeded love of stories among the stars.


Anyone else taking a vacation day to wait in line? At least I’ll build fodder for stories while I people watch.

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