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Tooting My Horn!

There is an odd little thing about being an author. Well, there are several, but this blog post will focus on self-promotion. I hateses it. It is akin to having to take professional pictures.


Jungle web


In order to get my name out there and to help my skills, I enter writing contests. It’s a tricky business because you usually have to pay up front and when you’re writing as a hobby, you have to look at is as an investment. Personally, I pick contests that give me feedback from judges. While I may not agree with their comments, it certainly opens my eyes to the possible plot holes and character faults.


During my recent hiatus, I had the pleasure of hearing back from a couple of these entries:



This one is a short story that has so much of me in the lines. It is scheduled to be printed in an anthology (group of short stories) next year.  I’ll let you know about the release date as soon as I know!


Ironically, another story of mine will also be published by ACFW Houston soon, in a separate anthology. While “Katrina in Wonderland” wasn’t a finalist at the time, they asked to include it in the publication. Guys…it’ll be the first “real” book with my name on it!


Jars of Clay emotion


Then, this just happened:

Rattler announcement

Totally out of left field! I entered the suspense category for two reasons: I couldn’t enter the YA category because my fantastic agent was the guest judge and I wanted some feedback on this new genre. Slap me with a fish when I received this!


So, I now consider my horn tooted.


Have you ever entered any contests? Besides Publisher’s Clearinghouse?

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