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In Other News…

Remember my big deal post?


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I talked myself out of pursuing the path God put in front of me for my writing. I caved into suggestions. But guess what? I’m better for it! It was a road I needed to explore to become a better writer.


Now, this path is leading right back to where I started. God let me run around this swerving back road only to point out the obvious to me. Just like the sign my mom thought was so funny:



 (isn’t my mom so cute?)

Now for the announcement: after spinning my wheels in the traditional publishing arena, I’m thrilled to announce that I’m headed to indie publishing! (That means I’m doing it myself)


Ironically, this was my plan two years ago. But I wasn’t ready. Along the way, I went to Mount Hermon and met friends, agents and editors. I joined ACFW and have a fantastic critique group.


And I found my voice. I let go of fighting sarcasm and wrapped it into a book that I love!


So stay tuned! I’ve applied for a EIN and a business name. Then…you’ll meet Victoria Grace, The Jerkface.

I’m a Quitter/Winner!

A week ago, I quit. I was done with writing. Honestly. The last straw was a rejection that seemed a bit holier-than-thou. So, with many tears, I told the Hubs that I was going on hiatus.


My heart was sad, but my brain was frustrated. How do I get my stories out to the young adult readers if I can’t get a response from those with the ability to move me forward? And yes, I’ve been told over and over and over to be patient.


But the teenagers and young adults I’m trying to reach aren’t getting any younger. And neither am I.


I figured a break was what I needed. Work on my 1963 Bug. Finish some other projects I’ve put off. Maybe God would show me the direction to go. And at 6:05 p.m. last Monday, that was my decision.


And a random Facebook message popped up:


Who was this person? Which one of my critique partners gave out my story? In high conspiracy fashion, tin foil hat firmly in place, I kept my response short:


The next message caused me to burst into tears. Hubs was confused, so I lobbed him the phone because I couldn’t talk through the sobbing laughter.


Yup. God, once again, kicked me in the butt with His “I told you so.”


Thank you Christian Women Writer’s Club! At 6:42 p.m. last Monday, I started writing again.

Stick a Fork in Me-Part 2

Wait…where’s part 1? I’ll get to that. This is my third attempt at a blog this week. You ever have weeks like that? Don’t lie–I know you do. You may not blog, but things catch up to you and it’s all you can do to keep your anger in check. Or tears.Hubs reminded me, “That’s why they call it an emotional rollercoaster.”



Here is the beginning to Part 1, written on Monday, after yet another rejection:

If one more person says that another rejection is in God’s timing, I’m going to say something I regret.


Same goes for J.K. Rowling quotes or stats.

Leave me alone.


Let me give you some pointers, if you plan on heading down the path to becoming a writer.

  1. “Write what you know.” Unless it isn’t what the market wants. Then be prepared to write things just to get someone, anyone, to look in your direction. Because it really isn’t about what you know, it’s about what will sell.
  2. Friends are necessary. They make the rejections bearable. Tell you not to post anger-fueled blogs or that it’ll be okay with more chocolate. Both of these things are true, but today is not that day.


Know this: there were ten bullet points. Ten honest and raw things nearly every author has experienced. Although I thought it appropriate, I also know it is unwise to burn bridges.


I have news coming, bright, shiny news. If this were the blog I typed on Monday, I’d say that I was going to walk away for awhile. But today is not that day. Plus, there are ducks to get in a row.


Everything isn’t sunshine and lollipops, but there are chocolate and friends to help. And random Facebook messages to make you question your sanity.

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