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Writerly Stuff

I’ve done a major no-no in the noob author world: I haven’t blogged on a regular basis. Fifty lashes with a wet noodle.

You trusted me


  1. I’m busy/You’re busy/The dog is busy.
  2. Nothing new to report.
  3. Haven’t watched any new movies/shows.
  4. Insomnia makes me loopy.
  5. I work two other jobs.
  6. I’m busy learning to how to write a screenplay.
  7. And figuring out how indie publishing works too.


Wait…what about those last two? It’s true. So are all the others, but I am laying it out here on the blog to make it real to myself. I’d be a ridiculous ninny to limit myself to waiting for traditional publishing only, when there are other options out there. I will say that learning scripts is like being fluent in Spanish and writing in French, which you’ve only heard in foreign films. Weird thing? I LOVE it!


I’m escaping to the cabin again this weekend with Hannah and Rosemary to working on formatting my script and tinkering around with writerly stuff. God has plunked magnificent story ideas in my melon and I need to figure out which way to point my ship.


Or not. Sometimes it’s just enjoying the company and eating candy. Because I’m bringing candy this time.

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