Yes, That’s a Nose Ring.

I’ve lost count of how many people at church or parents at the spawns’ school have cocked an eyebrow or stared at the little stud in my nose. “Oh. You got your nose pierced.”


I promise you, I’m neither loose with my morals or soliciting my body, despite their sideways, second look at my nostril.


Yes, there are the exceptions of people who don’t care, who like my choice of stud or practically held my hand at the tattoo parlor when I was getting it done. *gasp* I went to a tattoo parlor?! I did…and my artist had the most amazing facial tattoos I’ve ever seen.


I’ll let you in on another secret…I used to never drink coffee and now it’s usually two cups a day. And I’m pretty sure that if the piercing doesn’t send me straight to hell, the caffeine addiction will, right?


I’ve written and rewritten the post about seventeen times. I’m a big ol’ personality, but have my insecurities. It trips me up about stereotypes within the Christian body. And I’ve done it myself! But this nose ring has really made it hit home. Jesus didn’t look at the Samaritan woman at the well and criticize her outward appearance–he looked at her heart. He had a habit of looking past the obvious: the adulteress in John 8 who was caught “in the act” and probably dragged naked into the temple, healing the lepers (those Google images can be disturbing), and even the guy with the shriveled hand (on the Sabbath, no less)!


When I argued with myself about the validity of my rant, I read the latest installment of Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors. That Jami gal makes me happy because of her honesty.


And you know what? I want to be honest about people who make me feel borderline Satanic because my nose is pierced. Okay, it’s not for everyone, but don’t stare at my piercing and ask me in a judgemental tone what made me decide to get it done. I know you don’t like it. You know you don’t like it. Move along. I ain’t got time for your passive-aggressive judgement. My heart belongs to Jesus. My nose belongs to me.


And no, I don’t regret getting my nose pierced.


About sarahb5149

When tasked with how to describe myself, I get quiet, leading people to believe that I am trying to come up with something deep and meaningful. In fact, I am trying to decide which to display without confusing them. I'm a Christian. And that doesn't mean that I simply say it - I love the Lord and have figured out over the years that He knows what He's doing, even when I am stomping my feet or looking at Him like I have no clue what is going on (*hint* it happens more than I'd care to admit). Writing has been a passion of mine since I was a wee lil' thing; I kept my first poem in all of it's stammering, unevenness. Wife and mom, daughter and sister, aunt and Sunday School teacher, I adore the roles that God has given me. A bit of a sci-fi nerd, geek and self proclaimed dork, there isn't much that I won't try at least once...unless it involves mayonnaise because that stuff is just gross. View all posts by sarahb5149

13 responses to “Yes, That’s a Nose Ring.

  • Jon R

    I didn’t even notice 😛

  • Amanda Draper

    Love the attitude, and I’m fairly anti-body modification. But I’m super pro-freedom. If it isn’t hurting anyone else, then people need to get over it!

  • Lucy

    Two cups of coffee a day?! For like 24 hours?! Inconcievable!!!

  • Lucy

    *This is my trying to post a comment again*
    2 cups of coffee A DAY? Like a 24 hour day?! Inconceivable!!!

  • angietune

    Love your blog and recent post, “…yes-thats-a-nose-ring.” Its also a tiny piece of jewelry that I have always wanted. I think they are adorable. I have spent years wishing I could get one, but I never did because of and reasons for getting your nose pierced.

    I’m currently on a similar spiritual journey wanting “to belong,” but also wanting my nose pierced too. I belong to a particularly conservative branch of Protestantism that might frown on me showing up in church with a little diamond nose stud.

    Looking for guidance about your sojourn. Wonder if you might drop me an e-mail to ask some questions.


  • Eating Healthy with Goldfish and Chicken Nuggets | Roshambo Saves Lives

    […] more recently, quoted to me in response to my opinions. Seems like I inflamed some feelers with my nose piercing post. I knew it would polarize some, but really didn’t didn’t expect whiplash and the silent […]

  • Amy Brock McNew

    Yep. Been there. Except my encounters are regarding my tattoos. I welcome questions about their meaning. They’re all special and I designed them myself. Other questions, though…well, I have answers for those too.

    No, actually I do just fine navigating the professional world and interacting with the “normal” people on a daily basis. The only problems I have with acceptance are with those who think my skin should be their business.
    No, I don’t think I’m defacing my body.
    Yes, I’m perfectly aware they won’t look quite the same when I’m 80.
    No, my kids aren’t delinquents.
    Yes, I am a Christian.
    No, actually it’s not a sin.
    7. And yep. I sure do plan to get more.
    And yes, I am fully aware they last forever. That’s kind of the point.
    Finally, no. I do not think anyone will assume I belong to a biker gang.
    This game of 20 questions is over. Thanks for playing. Now tend to the weeds in your own garden first next time before you take a hoe to mine. It’s perfectly well cared for.


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