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Reading a Writer’s Music

I was sitting in a writer’s group meeting and suddenly there was elevator music. It was so soft that I wasn’t quite sure if I was actually hearing it or if it was a product of my over-active imagination.


“Can you hear that?” I mouthed to my friend. Indeed she could and I felt relieved I wasn’t crazy in that particular sense. I cannot vouch for other random craziness, as many will attest to, including said friend.

crazySo I did what any sane person would do and tried to slyly discover the source of the phantom instruments. I really wanted to pay attention to the speaker (and thank goodness for handouts!) but the music was nutting me up. Please make it stop! Why won’t anyone make it stop?!


*cue “Life” light bulb moment*

ahahThis is how I write my stories! I hear monologues and visualize scenes no one else has experienced yet. My character has black, curly hair that is disobedient to any styling products. Trying to get the unruly hair across the page to the reader (without breaking the editors’ “show me, don’t tell me” rule) is akin to serving fish at dinner; some people will like the description and others will crinkled their nose and choose something else.


Any artist hears their own music. My brother writes songs and performs with a band. His wife is an amazing textile artist. God has blessed some as wordsmiths and others as photographers. And in His infinite sense of design, some people love oil paintings while others prefer watercolors. Neither is wrong…it’s just different and that is good!


I tend to gravitate towards the sci-fi and dystopian genres. However, it doesn’t discount my enjoyment when I read a suspense by Rich Bullock or a cozy mystery by Cathy Elliott.


I’m shameless in my plugs, but I hope you all would check out their magnificent books and read the music we writers hear in our heads.


Spoiler Alert! Blade Runner 2

Remember my post on Blade Runner? It wasn’t long ago and involved a distinct lack of sleep. This week, some articles hit my browser and all I can say is:


First off, Ridley Scott drops some spoilers here. And I leave that link there in case you want to live oblivious to the details. Then there’s me. I read whatever I can get my hands on. Subsequently resembling:


We already know Harrison Ford is reprising his role as Deckard. Blade Runner wouldn’t be the same without him. It’s like trying to recast Han Solo.

grumpy gma

But the other bright spot of news for the sequel is Ryan Gosling will be coming aboard as a new character. Here’s the original link, but it also includes some information about his new film, The Nice Guys.

Don’t bother me. I’m busy reading spoilers.

heavy breathing

It’s Twenty Øne, NOT 21

There is a band you should check out. Twenty Øne Piløts—all spelled out (and yes, they use the crossed out “ø”). I think I first heard their song “Tear in my Heart” on the radio and was ambivalent towards it.




Then “Stressed Out” received air time.




The video?! I want an adult sized trike. NOW.




So I did what every good mom does and looked up the lyrics to see the poisonous words seeping into my spawns’ ears. Lo and behold—song lyrics with meaning. *gasp* Slap me with a fish in the face! I continued down my whirlpool of TØP titles and subsequent lines and found depth, a rare quality in many musicians striving for fame and fortune.


I won’t reiterate Josh and Tyler’s story, other than they worked their way up from living in their family’s basements (true story) and that their interviews are a pleasure to listen to. Seriously. Try this interview or this one. Those mama’s boys make a habit of being well spoken and hilarious. Savvy businessmen, they are currently on a sold-out tour and announced another run next year. Some locations sold out within minutes of being available. Mind you, these aren’t tiny bars or venues: Madison Square Gardens in NYC and The Greek Ampitheatre in Berkeley, CA.


Back to their music; what impressed me the most (other than their sound) is the profound lyrics Tyler pens. He uses music as an outlet. His overt lyrical honesty is refreshing. (P.S. How rad is it that they put their grandpas on the cover of an album?!)


While not labeled as “Christian” music, their songs have zero swearing. Even their interviews are clean. Their song The Judge is in reference to Tyler’s faith (he’s a proclaimed Christian) and seems to be his interpretation about asking the Lord for help. Now I’m sure somewhere down the road, someone will find fault with my observations. Go for it. Not my song, not my band, but it is my blog and my opinion. Rawr. Note: just because they are cuss word free doesn’t mean their listeners are, so be forewarned of comments.


If you are an Enya fan (read: nothing wrong with her…I own three of her albums), then maybe this band isn’t for you. Want to give them a spin? Enjoy my favorite track, Fairly Local:

I’m Unbuckled on the Roller Coaster. And I Like It.

When the email I’d been waiting for suddenly popped up in my inbox, I was overwhelmed. Of course, I clicked on that magical subject line…and then my old friend Anxiety tapped on my shoulder.

What if this is another rejection?
Could it be an acceptance?
Why would it be anything other than a “no”?
Really. It probably is a “thank you, but no thank you,” so get on with it.
But you’ve worked hard, so this could be it!

In the short span of a couple of seconds, I had rejoiced seeing the email, worried about what it said and simultaneously ripped the credit from God. I wanted control of the email contents—to see the culmination of my hard work in definitive Times New Roman font. But as my computer suddenly lagged, I clicked off of the email before it loaded. My heart rate galloped like I was unbuckled and staring down the first drop of a roller coaster.


So I stopped and prayed.

There is something to be said about turning to God in a moment that could turn out to be potentially life changing for the good. I also started typing this blog post, to solidify my heart’s desire to seek the Lord in the answer of this particular email—no matter how the sender replies. It is innately more intimate to rush to God in a conceivable triumph. It allows Him the glory in every part of my life.

I guess I’ll go open the email now. My parting words to my now seven (thanks Cathy!) readers? Turn to God when your heart is thudding in your chest with good news. Run to His arms and give Him thanks for the chance that He gave you to succeed or fail. Either way, it is His plan. And that’s something to be peaceful about.

Now, I’m going to open that email for sure this time. Nope…not going to keep putting it off. No matter if Hubs is standing over my shoulder, like the old Mervyn’s commercial:


A Game of “Charade”

Continuing on our Audrey Hepburn bend, Thing 1 and I perused “Charade” last week. So the Wikipedia explanation is lengthy, so let’s turn to IMDB for the condensed version:

220px-Charade_movieposter“Regina Lambert (Audrey Hepburn) returns to Paris from a ski holiday in Switzerland to find that her husband has been murdered. She is later told by CIA agent Hamilton Bartholemew that Charles Lambert was one of five men who stole $250,000 in gold from the U.S. government during World War II, and the government wants it back. The money was not found among his possessions, and Regina can shed no light on its whereabouts. Later that day she is visited by Peter Joshua (Carey Grant), whom she had met briefly while on holiday. When her husband’s former partners in crime, who were double-crossed by Charles, start calling her looking for the money, Peter offers to help find it. Thus begins an elaborate charade in which nothing is what it seems to be.”




We really didn’t know what to expect other than cute outfits and cheeky one-liners. The beginning was confusing because I never wore outfits like that when I went snow skiing. It was an interesting conversation to have with Thing 1 – the gravity of divorce for that generation. Sure it was more socially acceptable, but still carried a big ol’ black mark, as indicated by the conversation.


Oh yes, this movie is rated PG and is recommended for anyone older than ten years. No swearing, a smidge of violence and a couple of non-graphic dead bodies.


The plot started twisting and turning once Reggie returned to Paris, along with the beautiful 1963 Technicolor street scenes. See?


If you haven’t seen the movie, I can’t say much because the plot twists abound! Even Thing 1 and I were leaning forward, scooching closer to the television screen, whispering our suspicions back and forth to each other. Then BOOM! Plot twist! What?! Suddenly, like an old Batman version:

batman words

Plot bunnies scurried around, crashing into each other like an Easter event gone wrong or running off different directions. No wonder people thought Alfred Hitchcock was involved!
The ending made both of us laugh out loud…so punny. But it’s a spoiler, so you won’t hear it from me. I will say that it was our favorite line from the entire film. Pull it up on Netflix! “Charade” is one you won’t regret!

Awwww….Geek Out! Le Geek, so chic…

I read an interesting blog the other day about “geeking out.” The author and I have radically different ideas about the term. Crazy, but neither of us is wrong. True story.


For instance, I already profess to be a geek/nerd/dork. When I geek out, it looks something like this:

Jars of Clay emotion

Geeking out, to me, is over-the-top, unbridled excitement over someone or something else. Let’s say that I had the opportunity to meet the guys from Twenty One Pilots. In my mind, we’d all become best friends – maybe I’d make an appearance on their Twitter feeds. Outwardly, I would probably resemble the color of a baby red potato and my lips would flub up everything grandiose I had imagined I would say. Honestly, you should’ve seen me face palm when I met Robin Jones Gunn at Mount Hermon in March.


Robin: “Hi. It’s so nice to meet you.”

Me (in a single breath, run-on sentence): “I-am-so-glad-I-heard-you-speak-tonight-you-will-never-know-how-much-you-changed-my-life-because-today-turned-horrible-right-before-I-came.” *don’t forget to insert my ugly crying…and I’m not kidding about the ugly part*


My dear friend (as Robin graciously tried to understand my verbal diarrhea) geeked out in a completely different way. She had grown up reading Robin’s books (Christy Miller goodness) and went into fangirl mode. Here’s the thing…I LOVE fangirl mode. It made me joyful to see my friend giddy about meeting one of her favorite authors. My friend’s reaction was riiiiight along the lines of my own when I attended the Battlestar Galactica Convention and Katee Sackhoff signed an autograph for me. Yes, it’s framed and hanging on the wall, thankyouverymuch.


So geek out, my friends. Get excited about your favorite books and movies. Be the bumbling idiot when you get to meet someone you adore. Take it from me, it makes a great story…or blog.

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