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We Now Interrupt You…

No one has a timetable for my blog posts. Not even me. But, I usually hold myself accountable and try to post twice a week. That said, this will be the only post for this week.


Sometimes God gives us a big ol’ smackdown. It may be in the form of rejection (see previous post) or it may be a family ordeal. And then there are the times He reins you back with the unexpected. This is a post on my unexpected…this is about Cooper.


I will start by blaming my mom. 🙂  My mom has a tendency to jump into things with both feet. I love that about her. Miniature donkeys? Why buy one the first time around when you can start with six (When Lil’ Donkeys Fly Ranch)? Corgi dogs? So cute and stubby to match the lil’ donkeys! Mom’s first one (yes…she has more!) was such a fantastic dog that I pulled off the ultimate surprise Christmas present and bought one for my hubby. It took lots of internet searching and a secret plane ride to Oregon, but I pulled it off!!! Meet baby Cooper:

baby coopIsn’t he so squee-able with my shoe? Circa 2005


In case you didn’t know, Pembroke Welsh Corgis are the dog of choice for the Queen of England, so they are good enough for us.

Queen-Elizabeth-Corgi(yes, they like James Bond too)

Cooper was always happy. When he barked, it was a delightful “Woof!” that coincided with his front paws leaving the ground. In fact, if Cooper had a cartoon bubble, it would say, “Woof!” His stumpy tail wiggled with the rest of his body. He was the quintessential “Best Dog Ever.”


Early yesterday morning, he kept pawing at my bed and so I let him out. At one in the morning, my manners aren’t so stellar; I was frustrated when he sat in the driveway and wouldn’t come back in, so I went back to bed. Ever the gentleman, Cooper laid down on the front step to the house sometime after I closed the door and drifted into eternal sleep.


This week has been a rough week at the farm between maverick coyotes and a stillborn donkey. Throw in two story rejections and Cooper’s death hit me like a ton of bricks. I’d already had to shuffle my emotions with the previous “unexpected” in the week and Cooper just stopped me in my tracks. He was my silly buddy that tipped over (a dog with three inch legs tips over) for belly rubs. No longer will Coop sprint away when I point at the other corgi (yes…we have more!) and encourage, “Go get him!”


When God hands you an unexpected interruption in life, He also gives you choices on how you react. I’ve been knocked down this week, but I also know that I have had a reasonable week compared to those with much greater unexpected interruptions and I praise God for my minor bumps! I’m thankful for my tears for Cooper because he was loved and brought joy into my life.



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