Remember, Remember the Fifth of November




“People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.” – V


V for Vendetta is one of my all-time favorite flicks. For an actor (Hugo Weaving) to represent a character behind a mask so thoroughly by movement and voice alone, without the benefit of facial expressions, is nothing short of amazing. Evey Hammond is played by Natalie Portman and once her hair comes off, the actress shines.


It opened in 2006 and was written by the (then) Wachowski brothers. It is rated “R” for violence and language. I do NOT recommend this movie to anyone younger than 18 for the following reasons:

  1. The brutal fight scenes are just that – violent and bloody.
  2. A scene with crude language preceding an attempted sexual assault on a female. It is thwarted, but may be uncomfortable for some.
  3. The almost desperate need for the director/writers to glorify the gay and lesbian characters. Their sub-stories of persecution, while convincingly told, detract from the story itself which is about freedom from a tyrannical government.
  4. The language rating is warranted. The f-bomb is dropped.

doge v for vendetta

The government in the film is totalitarian. This fictional government lacks no heavy-handed tactics: they murder dissenters, quash all freedom of religion and use prisoners for medical experiments. *Please, reader, brush up on your world history and see that these tactics have actually been used and are still used by governments extracting absolute control.*


“God is in the rain.” One of the most pivotal quotes from the film, it is just a string of simple words that makes for a good quote. God is omnipotent and omniscient. You can’t limit Him to the rain. And in the same breath, the movie characters use His name in vain. Even the priest with a penchant for young girls drops the f-bomb. Irony abounds.

V apron

Expect a payload of violence in this film: the foiled rape scene (no skin showed), grisly mass grave shot with some naked bodies, and an amazing slow-mo sword/knife versus bullets fight…just to name a few. Lots more, but some of the choreography for the fight scenes is breathtaking. This is a movie about one man starting a revolution by means of revenge.


There has never (and I use that word with every bit of its meaning) been an onscreen kiss that has been so impeccable than the one between Evey and V. It is concise; the gravity of the meaning of the kiss to a man behind a mask that she has never laid eyes on, staggering.


The over-all points I took away from the film were multi-faceted but are narrowed down to one quote from the movie:


“Behind this mask there is more than just flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea… and ideas are bulletproof.” – V


This character was tortured by the government, didn’t die and succumbed to his idea of revenge. Eventually, his idea changed. Evey realized that her idea is freedom from oppression. I watched the movie and felt my own ideas stir within (read: I’m in possession of neither fireworks nor Guy Fawkes masks).

v fireworks

“Are you, like, a crazy person?” – Evey

“I am quite sure they will say so.” – V


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When tasked with how to describe myself, I get quiet, leading people to believe that I am trying to come up with something deep and meaningful. In fact, I am trying to decide which to display without confusing them. I'm a Christian. And that doesn't mean that I simply say it - I love the Lord and have figured out over the years that He knows what He's doing, even when I am stomping my feet or looking at Him like I have no clue what is going on (*hint* it happens more than I'd care to admit). Writing has been a passion of mine since I was a wee lil' thing; I kept my first poem in all of it's stammering, unevenness. Wife and mom, daughter and sister, aunt and Sunday School teacher, I adore the roles that God has given me. A bit of a sci-fi nerd, geek and self proclaimed dork, there isn't much that I won't try at least once...unless it involves mayonnaise because that stuff is just gross. View all posts by sarahb5149

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