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God is in the rain

I was talking with another writer about her blog. She’s rad and has over a million page views since she started it. Ah-mazing.  Truth be told, I started this fledgling blog and thought it might magically write itself. So, I picked her brain. Her blog has a theme, dolls. Admittedly, I rarely played with dolls much and am actually creeped out by a majority of them (I’m sorry!). Her blog is successful because she faithfully tends it, updates the content and stays on the target of dolls.

So how do I focus? I’m s Christian wife and mom that loves sci-fi, tacos, movies and VW’s as well as Disney. I own my own rolling tool box and circular saw, prefer my laundry air dried and it’s not below me to wear socks with Birkenstocks. And nothing excites me like a thesaurus!

While I’ve been praying for direction, God took the opportunity to plop something into my lap. Foremost, I will not deny the Lord in this platform, but I want to share with others something that I enjoy! The sermon given tonight opened up the door for my direction via Psalms 29:3: “…the God of glory thunders.” As Pastor Jim started through this verse, I thought of a quote from one of my favorite movies:

“God is in the rain.”

So welcome to my opinions of films, movies and television as afforded by a Sunday School teaching, Austen adoring, chicken herding writer. Be assured that randomness will occur, but feel free to fling me a title that you’d like me to peruse.

Until next time, remember: normal is overrated.


**P.S. Yes, yes, I’ll be posting up V for Vendetta soon.



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